The Terme di Montecatini Terme, under the patronage of the Municipality of the Tuscan town, hosted in the days 26-27-28 April 2013 the International Congress of Ars Florum .

Teachers and Professors from six different European countries participated in the event with sets and choreography large , workshops and technical meetings demonstration .

 The artists who have accompanied us during these three days of the seminar were:

Friday 26 and Saturday, April 27, 2013 : MARCO SEGANTIN – It ‘s one of the promising young talents of the Italian and European Floral Decoration. His works have been published in prestigious Italian and European floral journals . In its achievements uses clean lines and refined materials           (see photos in the “Gallery” as ” Ars Florum 2013-1 “).

Saturday, April 27, 2013 – ANNA TRUCCO LANZA – Floral Art Teacher , demonstrator and International Judge . An eclectic artist and a great experience , is the creator and interpreter of the transposition of the artistic Spatialism in Floral Decoration . He has published books on art floral appreciated all over the world (see pictures in the “Gallery” as ” Ars Florum 2013-2 “).

Sunday, April 28, 2013 – PAOLA NIZZOLI DESIDERATO – Sculptor wax modeller , researches and develops forget artistic techniques in order to give continuity to the ancient arts as the “waxworks” (the art of wax modeling ) . Paola uses processes, materials and special equipment based on old books and publications. Among his works philological and three-dimensional reproduction of a Basket of Caravaggio, already exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Milan (see photos in the “Gallery” as ” Ars Florum 2013-3 “).

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