The International Seminar of ARS FLORUM concluded in Montecatini Terme on April 17-18-19 2015  for the third consecutive year .

The Teachers of this last meeting were:

BEN CLEVERS (external arrangements with cornus, willow, roses, orchids, gerberas …..),

CATHY ROULLEAU (creative workshop using bamboo),

  (workshop and conference on Art Nouveau and Liberty),

ANDREA MERENDI (workshop on Cactus Dahlias using crepe paper).

Thanks to the creativity and generosity of these Artists, the enthusiasm of the Participants and the availability of all Organizers , Ars Florum concluded at the best  his Italian journey and it is honorate to give mandate to Belgium  for the next three years.

Ars Florum now goes from the Mediterranean to the North Sea, Belgium will welcome us for the next ARS FLORUM SEMINAR  in OSTENDA on OCTOBER 7-8-9  2016!

To All the warmest greetings from the Ars Florum Italian Team with the hope to meet You again in Ostend !!!

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