The International Seminar of ARS FLORUM concluded in Montecatini Terme on April 17-18-19 2015  for the third consecutive year .

The Teachers of this last meeting were:

BEN CLEVERS (external arrangements with cornus, willow, roses, orchids, gerberas …..),

CATHY ROULLEAU (creative workshop using bamboo),

  (workshop and conference on Art Nouveau and Liberty),

ANDREA MERENDI (workshop on Cactus Dahlias using crepe paper).

Thanks to the creativity and generosity of these Artists, the enthusiasm of the Participants and the availability of all Organizers , Ars Florum concluded at the best  his Italian journey and it is honorate to give mandate to Belgium  for the next three years.

Ars Florum now goes from the Mediterranean to the North Sea, Belgium will welcome us for the next ARS FLORUM SEMINAR  in OSTENDA on OCTOBER 7-8-9  2016!

To All the warmest greetings from the Ars Florum Italian Team with the hope to meet You again in Ostend !!!


European Association of Floral Art Teachers

Seminar in Montecatini Terme

April 17-18-19 2015


“A Journey through Floral Decoration that leads us from the Past to the Present”





BEN CLEVERS – Nederland’s. International Master Floral Designer

” It is important to have thorough knowledge of the products you work with “. Ben attended Horticultural School and Horticultural College, the School for the Art of Flower Arrangement and the School for Master Designer. He attended courses in Wickerwork, Pottery and Glass Blowing, furthermore he took courses in Window-dressing, Interior Decorations and vegetables and fruit presentations. The period as owner of a flower shop in Bergen op Zoom has been the base for his International Flower Designer and Decorator ship. “Pushing the limits of the well-known “. Ben has a slight preference for exotic flowers and plants, green is his favorite color. He has a strong preference for innovation, he is a floral designer with a great “curiosity” and not bound by any particular style. H wants to get to know the styles and to be able to pass them on to other people and picks up new trends easily. At this moment he regularly does workshops and presentations in practically all European countries, America and in Asia. He collaborates with Daniel Ost for the most prestigious international events.


knight of Agricultural merit in 2007, International Judge, National Judge, Exhibitor, Professor of Floral Art Design, Masters in Floral Art Design, Demonstrator, Exhibitor, training at the “Sociéte d’Horticulture d’art Floral á Versailles , Professor at the “Societe d’Horticulture d’art Floral à Versailles, Member of the board of d’Art Floral SNHF (1989), Participation in diverse European Expositions, Member of the European Floral Academy under the presidency of Jacqueline BOGRAND. Coordinator  and contributor to published works such as “Variations Florales”, Coordinator and Contributor to publishes work “Harmonies Florales”Including floral arrangements, 2007  Christmas Demonstration of floral arranging, 2013  Christmas Demonstration of Floral arranging, Professor of Artistic floral arranging for the L’AFE, Judge for diverse international contest. Cathy Roulleau has been recognized with awards of excellence in several International Competitions. For a few years now Cathy has dedicated herself to researching and creating.  Starting from a single element, original vegetables, or regrouped ones, she strives to bring out the full potential of her artistic expression in the form, material, colors and volumes of her work.

FIORELLA FALAVIGNA DE LEO – Italy – Professor, Demonstrator, International Judge, Professor of Ikebana.

She has a degree in Political Science from the University of Bologna and she dedicated internally to the world of flowers and floral arranging since 1970.  The beloved student of Camilla Malvasia and Jenny Banti Pereira, Teacher, Demonstrator, International Judge of occidental flower arranging and Professor of Ikebana O’Hara School.  The actual president of the Garden Club Camilla Malvasia of Bologna ( Italy) follows the O’Hara study group of Bologna and is the Professor of floral decorations at the SIAF (school of Italian Floral Art). She has created and creates demonstrations of Ikebana and flower arrangement in Italy and abroad.  she and her students have collaborated on many popular books of Oriental and occidental floral arranging.  She has worked with traditional and modern floral designers worldwide.  She and her students continue to participate in exhibitions and contest all over Europe.

 ELISABETTA GALLI – Italy – Professor, demonstrator, International Judge, Professor of Ikebana

A graduate in Economy and Commerce from the University of Bologna.  Since a young age she has dedicated her life to Occidental floral decor, and Professor of Ikebana O’Hara School.  She is the current Director of the Garden Club Camilla Malvasia di Bologna of the SIAF (School of Italian Floral Art) where she teaches occidental floral decoration.  As a Professor of Ikebana O’Hara she teaches and guides her students in oriental decoration.  She has created and creates with her group of demonstrators, contests, exhibitions of Ikebana.

ANDREA MERENDI – Italy – “The poet of Crepe paper”

Andrea Merendi, born in Faenza, decorator, stylist, florist, a bit artist, very creative, certainly very poetic, composes flowers lovingly, with crepe paper which he cuts, rolls, uses jagged edges, fades in the sun and intertwines with an immense sensibility. Some define him as “the crepe paper poet”, many who give him credit for modernizing the art of crepe paper floral composition, no longer the stale, dusty alters but  vivacious vibrant and colorful life like representations. The idea to create the first paper flowers was born out of demand in a large Milanese commercial center.  This is where he started to produce the most stupendous crepe paper flowers arrangements, gaining notoriety and acclaim in Italy and abroad.   With a delicate touch according to how he arranges the paper he is able to create buds about to burst open or corollas about to loose their petals and even withered ones, that replicate nature.  When placed in the sun his creations loose their rigidity and brilliance and acquire nuances and forms as found in nature.  Grafts on green branches look like buds that are about to spring to life.  Merendi declares: “ I make crepe paper flowers because I love the real ones”.



Terme Tettuccio Montecatini (April 17-18-19 2015)


FRIDAY APRIL 17 – Terme Tettuccio

08.15 Presentations

08.30 Begin work with Ben Clevers

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Continue working

12.30 Lunch in the « Caffè Storico »

14.00 Continue working

16.00 Coffee Break

16.30 Continue working

18.00 General Assembly for the Ars Florum Members

20.30 Dinner


SATURAY APRIL 18 -Terme Tettuccio – Sala Portoghesi

08.15 Workshop with Fiorella De Leo & Elisabetta Galli  

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Continue working

12.30 Lunch in the « Caffè Storico »

14.00 Workshop with Cathy Roulleau

16.00 Coffee Break

16.30 Continue working

20.30 Cocktail and Gala Dinner


SUNDAY APRIL 19 -Terme Tettuccio – Sala Portoghesi

08.15 Workshop with Andrea Merendi

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Continue working

12.30 End of Seminar


You are welcome to have lunch at the Hotel Belvedere (please advise the Hotel in advance).

 tel. +39 0572 70251

fax +39 0572 70252







The International Meeting of Ars Florum was held for the second time 2 to 4 May 2014 in the picturesque setting of the Baths of Montecatini Terme, under the patronage of the Municipality of the Tuscan town . The professors from six different European countries participated in the event with enthusiasm and made under the guidance of experienced teachers choreography large demonstration workshops and technical meetings .

Friday, May 2, 2014 : MIT IINGELAERE, Eclectic Belgian artist , teacher, demonstrator , international judge of floral decoration , as well as professor of Ikebana Sogetsu , designed with bamboo, horsetail and amaryllis geometric choreography of large (see photo in “Gallery ” how ” Ars Florum 2014-1 “).

Saturday, May 3, 2014 : LOLY MARSANO, teacher, demonstrator , international judge of floral decoration , painter and sculptor , artist of great experience has proposed a workshop on surrealism in the plant world (see pictures in the “Gallery” as ” Ars Florum 2014-2 ” ) .

Saturday, May 3, 2014 : ROSNELLA CAJELLO FAZIO, teacher , demonstrator , international judge of floral decoration , founder of the “Italian Institute of Floral Decoration for Amateurs”, gave a lecture on the New Style , contemporary trend (see photos in the “Gallery” as ” Ars Florum 2014-3 ” ) .

Sunday, May 4, 2014 : MICHELA PICCOLO & MARIARITA CASAROSA, teachers and restorers at the ” Precious Stones ” in Florence , highly creative artists have proposed a seminar on the production of panels with floral tissues (see photos in the “Gallery” as ” Ars Florum 2014-4 “).


The Terme di Montecatini Terme, under the patronage of the Municipality of the Tuscan town, hosted in the days 26-27-28 April 2013 the International Congress of Ars Florum .

Teachers and Professors from six different European countries participated in the event with sets and choreography large , workshops and technical meetings demonstration .

 The artists who have accompanied us during these three days of the seminar were:

Friday 26 and Saturday, April 27, 2013 : MARCO SEGANTIN – It ‘s one of the promising young talents of the Italian and European Floral Decoration. His works have been published in prestigious Italian and European floral journals . In its achievements uses clean lines and refined materials           (see photos in the “Gallery” as ” Ars Florum 2013-1 “).

Saturday, April 27, 2013 – ANNA TRUCCO LANZA – Floral Art Teacher , demonstrator and International Judge . An eclectic artist and a great experience , is the creator and interpreter of the transposition of the artistic Spatialism in Floral Decoration . He has published books on art floral appreciated all over the world (see pictures in the “Gallery” as ” Ars Florum 2013-2 “).

Sunday, April 28, 2013 – PAOLA NIZZOLI DESIDERATO – Sculptor wax modeller , researches and develops forget artistic techniques in order to give continuity to the ancient arts as the “waxworks” (the art of wax modeling ) . Paola uses processes, materials and special equipment based on old books and publications. Among his works philological and three-dimensional reproduction of a Basket of Caravaggio, already exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Milan (see photos in the “Gallery” as ” Ars Florum 2013-3 “).

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Ars Florum è stata fondata allo scopo di promuovere la conoscenza e le nuove tendenze tecniche, artistiche e culturali della decorazione floreale occidentale. Fino al 2015 avrà sede in Italia.

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