Ars Florum 2016

With the year 2015 the mandate given to Italy for the organisation of the Ars Florum seminars has come to an end.

As announced during the latest General Assembly in Montecatini, Belgium will take up the torch for the coming 3 years.


The yearly seminar for 2016 will take place from October 7 until October 9 at the Thermae Palace, Koningin Astridlaan 7 in 8400 Ostend.

Belgium will once again put the emphasis on art.

Our guests will be:

  • Elin DAHLIN:
    Sogetsu Ikebana teacher, in Oslo(Norway) and Stockholm(Sweden), since 20 years, she has been dividing her time between Norway, France and Japan , participating in exhibitions and giving demonstrations. At the occasion of the 2014 and 2015 seminars in Montecatini, you have been able to witness and appreciate her excellent work. She will host a workshop entitled: «interpretation of a painting».
  • Hilde DE BODT:
    teacher of Interior Design at the institute St Lucas in Ghent, who in the domain of the arts, devotes herself to painting, ceramics, engraving and screen-printing. She was a participant at several exhibitions in these fields. She will host a workshop entitled: «from nature to object»
    Belgian professional florist, works closely with Nature, she is continually looking for new structures, playing with contrasts between forms and transparencies, entre rhythms and rests, simple geometrical forms the way they appear in Nature.
  • And we will end with a demonstration on the theme « their country’s painters », brought to you by 7 experienced Belgian teachers; Mmes. Brigitte Depienne, Paulette Froidebise, Margaret Ronsse, Karoline Van Bever, Anita Van Cauwelaert, Monique Van den Driessche and Francine Wautelet.
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